List of Workshops

Below is a sampling of some of my recurring workshops. If you’d be interested in booking a workshop for your school or private group, please email me.

“Loving Limits”
How to say “no” with love and respect, and why it’s important
Setting appropriate limits with children, and sticking to them, is a challenging but incredibly important task for parents. This workshop focuses on both the “why” and the “how” of limit setting. We will practice using language in our discipline that leaves children feeling loved while still having them listen and respond. We’ll also discuss what appropriate consequences are and how to use them in a respectful way.

“Oh, Brother! Strategies for Siblings
Conflict between siblings tends to be one of the most frustrating and helpless experiences for parents with more than one child. The endless bickering seems impossibly challenging to change and it is hard to see a way out. This workshop takes a look at the relationships between your children – exploring both the gifts and the challenges they offer to a growing kid. We’ll also discuss strategies and tools that can have an impact on the patterns you’re seeing at home.  Whether you have siblings who are already well versed at sibling squabbles, or you have little ones who haven’t quite gotten there yet, you’ll find use in our discussion.

“Parenting Together” Couples Workshop
Building strong parenting partnerships
Being a team in parenting is critical and can be really challenging when you have different perspectives and childhood experiences to draw from.  This workshop helps couples take a look at what communication strategies work best during the trickiest parenting moments and how they can best support each other as partners through connection, honesty, and practice!

“Raising a Sensitive Child”
How to parent your sensitive child and help them break through worry, overwhelm, and fear
All kids feel overwhelmed and scared sometimes. Some kids feel overwhelmed and scared often. In this workshop we’ll talk about how it feels to be a sensitive kid, and how you can parent them with compassion and understanding while still helping them grow into brave and confident human beings.

“Your New Family”
Strategies for step-parenting, building new family relationships, and co-parenting
Blending families and co-parenting relationships can be big challenges for little people, and the parents that love them. The web of relationships involved in these families can be tricky to navigate. In this workshop we’ll look at blending families, step-parenting, and co-parenting with an ex-partner in ways that will serve and honor the children in their lives.

“Attachment Parenting; Beyond Baby”
“It was easy to know how to respond when he was a baby, but now I’m not sure what to do….”
This is a common concern among parents who used Attachment Parenting techniques with their babies. Once your baby isn’t a baby, the task of deciphering needs and wants becomes more complicated and our responses require different tools. This workshop focuses on how to best transition your attachment parented baby into a lovingly and respectfully parented toddler and young child.  We’ll discuss how a child’s developmental needs change after their first year and what parenting strategies we can carry with us as they grow that really work and keep us lovingly connected.

“Ready, Set, GO!”
How to help your child have a successful start to the new school year!
The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time. Changes in routine and entering new school communities can be an overwhelming experience for children, big and small.  Some topics in this workshop include: How to say “goodbye” in a way that supports your child, how to stay emotionally connected to your child during the school year, why connecting with your child’s teachers matters, and tips to avoiding after school meltdowns and creating a “smooth” school morning.

“Sun Up, Sun Down”
Morning and Evening routines that work for the whole family
Morning and bedtime routines are a common source of conflict within families. Exhausted parents and cranky children erupt at these tricky parts of each family’s day. This workshop gives parents the tools to establish morning and evening routines that work for everyone. Together we’ll also dive into the topic of sleep…why our kids need it and how to help them get it. We’ll troubleshoot common sleep challenges and uncover new tools to try at home.

“Finding Balance”
As parents, we often struggle to find balance in our lives. The endless tasks of parenting leave little emotional energy left for ourselves and our relationships. We put our own needs on the shelf, waiting for “some day” when our kids won’t need as much from us.  As our kids get older and their needs are less consuming, the fog lifts and we are suddenly left wondering who we are other than a mother or father. This workshop encourages parents to discover the importance of protecting their sense of “self” and identity as a person and guide them through the process of having the confidence to claim their own needs as they move through their parenting journey.

“Playful Parenting”
Learning the language of play can give us as parents incredible opportunities to connect with the kids we love. As grown-ups our play muscles weaken as the “real world” takes over. This workshop is designed to offer parents new insight into what play really means for a child and how we can join them in their world. We’ll talk about why “play” can feel so hard for us and how we can move past that resistance. We’ll also discuss how to use playfuless as a strategy in our guidance and discipline in a way that can have amazing results.