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Are parenting sessions for the whole family? Do you see our kids also?

Our sessions are for grown-ups only, and I don’t see young children in my practice. Most of the time parents find that our work together is enough to make significant shifts in how things feel at home. If during our work together I sense that your child could use some extra support, I’ll refer you to one of my colleagues that specializes in working with children.

How many parent coaching sessions does it take to make a difference?

My goal is that every session will make a big difference for your family. We will dive right in and tackle your most pressing concerns in that very first session.

Some parents prefer to have a series of 4-5 meetings to establish a solid foundation and then will move to an as-needed basis.  Others come in for just a single session to tackle a specific concern.  Most of my clients find that having a recurring monthly session on their calendar is a great way to take care of themselves through all of the twists and turns that parenting takes.

My hope is that we’ll create a relationship that you can lean on through the years as you parent your way through different stages.  Many of my clients I've supported for more than a decade.  We started talking about separation anxiety in pre-school and are now discussing how to parent that same kid as an adolescent!  I feel so grateful and honored to know families so deeply and to support them throughout the parenting journey.

How would you describe your "style" of working with clients?

I choose to utilize a coaching model in my practice, whether we're doing therapy or parent coaching.  You’ll notice that I’ll openly share what my observations are, offer direct suggestions and ideas, give homework, and point out patterns.  

We will develop a rich and connected working relationship and get to more “aha!” moments all within significantly fewer sessions than with traditional therapy.  In short, this will be a whole lot more than head-nodding.

Clients report that they find me to be very warm and compassionate, honest, and that I'm willing to offer a loving nudge when needed.  We will also laugh and allow levity into the work, because this is hard stuff we're working on!

Does Virtual Coaching/Therapy Work?

Absolutely!  The Covid pandemic has transformed the counseling and coaching worlds.  Advancements in technology now allow for seamless virtual sessions from the privacy of your own home or office. This opportunity has created a much more accessible service for so many clients that have struggled with the logistics of getting to a helping professional's office.  You will find our virtual time together to feel connected and constructive.  And all without getting in a car and navigating a commute!

What is the cost for sessions? Do you take insurance?

My rate for parent coaching is $250, for a 60 minute session. Once we have established a working relationship with a full session, I also offer half sessions and 15 minute "quick question" sessions when those time sensitive questions arise.  Therapy rates depend on frequency of meetings and length of session, but range between $175 and $250.  I do not accept insurance myself, and am not on any insurance panels. If your carrier has out-of-network benefits, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Some clients also successfully use their flex spending accounts for my fee.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I do offer a few sliding scale sessions each month.  I prioritize my sliding scale spots for parents who identify as BIPOC and LGBTQIA+, but if you have limited resources please reach out and we can chat about making the cost work for you.

What are your hours?

I see clients Monday through Friday, beginning at 9am and ending at 5:30pm CST each day.

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