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Virtual School Consulting

I act as a consultant and trainer for educators and administrators in early childhood programs. My work includes private consultations with directors, training and professional development classes for teachers, and collaborative partnership in supporting children who are struggling in the school environment. 

If you would like to have a conversation about if I might be useful as a consultant or trainer within your program, please give me a call or send me an email, and we’ll start the conversation about if I might be of service to your school community. Below are a few examples of my training workshops designed for early-childhood educators:

“Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom”
The Art and Science of Responding to Challenging Behaviors at School
This workshop focuses on creating an open and honest conversation with teachers about our struggles with challenging behaviors in the classroom. We’ll look at what our own personal triggers are and notice our differing responses in these situations.

I’ll present my “Guidance Response Toolbox” with positive guidance techniques that your teachers will add to from their own experiences. We’ll also discuss the important step of respectfully and compassionately communicating with parents and staff about children’s behavior while truly honoring the child.

“Loving Limits” for Teachers
How to say “no” with love and respect, and why it is important
This workshop is a version of my popular limit-setting workshop for parents, but re-formatted for teachers. We’ll discuss the “why” and “how” of using positive discipline techniques in the classroom that leave our students feeling respected and loved while also listening and responding to our guidance.

“Parent Communication”
How to fully serve and honor the parents in your classroom
Parents are an indispensable part of the team that will give children the best chance of success in the classroom. The art of using language and communication strategies with parents takes great care and lots of practice! This workshop will address the importance of using thoughtful communication with parents and will offer role-playing and practice to explore different challenging scenarios that present themselves in a school community.

“Balance and Wellness”
Serve children best by serving yourself first
Guiding young children each day is truly an honor, and it also requires great energy, patience, and focus. This workshop helps your teachers look within themselves to see what they need first, before they can step into the classroom ready to fully serve the children. We will do reflective exercises as well as discuss practical strategies to take good care of ourselves during the school year.

Parenting Workshops

An important part of my practice is offering parenting workshops in early-childhood programs.  Nurturing an educated and inspired parent community can have an invaluable impact on your program.

If your school would be interested in providing a workshop as part of your parent education program, please contact me.

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