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Two Dried Leaves

Why Kids LOVE Their Mothers

When thinking about what to write this Mother’s Day, I decided to seek out the experts on mothers. KIDS!

I asked some of the amazing children I know some questions about mothers, and what I found gave me belly laughs and eyes filled with tears.

Ready? Here we go….

If you could give your very best suggestions to mothers out there, about how to be the best mama they can be….what would that list be?

 Maya (10) and Eleanor (9)
1) Joke a lot.
2) Don’t forget to play games.
3) Sing when you tuck your kids in.
4) Don’t be an embarrassment.
5) No matter how much they say no to sunscreen, give them some anyway.
6) If they get in trouble, go light on them.
7) Don’t be over-protective.
8) If they’re scared, sleep with them and give them their favorite stuffed animal.
9) Kiss their boo-boo’s – even if they’re big kids.
10) Don’t hug your children in front of their friends.

If you could write a thank you note to the moms out there, what would it say?

Haley (13)
“Dear Moms,
Thank you for being there and swinging us on the swings and still being there to drive us to the mall. You encourage us to work hard to study, but then also stay up with us to help. Sometimes we pull away from your hugs, but just remember that we love you. We always will.”

What is something you LOVE about your mom?  What makes her special?

Jasper (9)
“She is very generous and loving….and she is very nice….she makes food for us”

Veda (5)
“I love her. She is silly. And I like when she helps me get my clothes on in the morning”

Lucy (4)
“I love her because she feeds me…and she takes good care of me.”

Freya (5)
“I like my mom because she takes care of my family.
I love that she gives kisses and hugs.
I like that she plays with me sometimes. 
I love who she is and what she looks like.”

Roman (5)
“She is really good at hopscotch – she learned when she was a little kid!
I know my mom is smart because she teaches me to do seat-drops on the trampoline.”


A conversation with Arden (7) and Oscar (3)

Arden: She’s the bestest mom ever. And her body is mostly made of love. And the second thing her body is made of is snuggles.

Oscar: And her third thing that her body is made of is bones and skin.

Arden: She gives the bestest snuggles!

Oscar: She gives me night night baby milk!

Arden: She loves me like I am her.

Oscar: She love love love love love love loves me.

Arden: When I am sad she makes me happy.

Oscar: What is happy tears? I don’t know either. No one gives me happy tears. But right now I have a happy tear on my eye.

Arden: She loves all of the parts of my body.

Arden: She teaches me how to juggle!

Oscar: She pees in my eyeballs and poops on my head.

Arden: She gives me nutella.

Arden: She helps me write cursive.

Arden: She helps me be healthy.

Arden: She is the one I can count on most.

Oscar: She draws with me.

Arden: She lets me pick up the cockroaches in the house!

Arden: She helps me when I’m hurt.

Oscar: She helps me poop. She stays with me until I’m done. She breathes out the hard poops with me.

Arden: When there are tears in my eyes, she vanishes them.

Arden: Her soul is made of love.

Oscar: My soul’s made of love. And she is my soul.

Arden: She loves all the things that I make.

Oscar: She loves all the things that I draw.

Arden: She helps me calm down when I’m mad.

Oscar: She does that for me too! Hey!

Well, now I’ve got a happy tear on my eye.

I’ve got some love to send to the mamas out there also. Ladies, you amaze me. Every day. The strength and stamina you bring to your mothering is stunning, and your love is so fierce. I’m immensely grateful and humbled to be invited to support your journey as mothers, and I continue to learn more and more each day. I love how you loveyour children and work so hard to remember to love yourself as well. To the mamas I know in my personal world, and the mamas I know in my work…I wish you a most spectacular Mother’s Day.

And to my mom….
Thank you for being a steady heartbeat of love and strength in my life. The evenings spent with my head in your lap, as you stroked my hair, continue to be a memory pool of love that I can dip into whenever I’m tender or unsure. Thank you. I love you, mama.

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