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The Development of Empathy

As children enter their second year of life they are standing on the edge of a developmental cliff. They are separating from their parents and defining an individual identity, a “self” – and they are recognizing that there…

Farewell to Summer

There’s something quite odd about the idea of saying goodbye to summer when it is 105 degrees outside.  We are so painfully far away from fall the idea of back-to-school “fall” shopping for cute little sweaters and corduroy seems completely nuts...

Parenting the "Little You"

Take a moment to remember yourself at 4-years-old. See the little you there, looking back at your grown-up self? This little person is who you parent everyday.

 All of us carry with us a little suitcase from the past. Whether we remember our childhood fondly or painfully, we each bring our experiences as a young child into our parenting. And we do it more than we think.

Exploring Family Dynamics

This is your resources section. You can use this space to publish relevant tips about therapy, new trends in psychology and legal resources for your visitors. Informational articles can be a great way to position yourself as an authority in your field, and keep your visitors engaged.

Get in Touch

Giving "NO!" Power

Parents know they’ve entered toddler-land when they first hear their once sweet baby loudly proclaim, “NO!”

What begins as amusing quickly moves to aggravating as parents become very familiar with their child’s newly discovered defiant streak.

Parenting without the Fire Extinguisher

Life can be a blur when you have young children. Time races past you at an excruciatingly frantic pace.

 The endless chauffeuring and shopping, cooking and cleaning, bills to pay, noses to wipe, calls to return….it can be overwhelming.

 Most of us deal with this reality by setting our knob to “auto-pilot” and living within our checklist. We’re either busy checking off tasks or obsessing endlessly about the things that didn’t receive that beloved checkmark.

Let's Get Messy!

Warm and breezy afternoons, new green sprouts all around, bright blue skies….it’s Spring in Austin!
Spring is a kid’s paradise. Before the mosquitoes arrive and the mandatory-swimming heat sets in we have our blissful Spring afternoons here in Austin.

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